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An Interview with Marilyn Berisiartua of the Beris Agency in Peekskill, NY

Her last name may be a doozy, but there’s nothing intimidating about people-friendly Marilyn Berisartua aside from the pronunciation of her last name.  

Berisartua is the Owner/Operator of The Beris Agency, located at 20 Welcher Avenue in Peekskill, NY. Berisartua is born and raised in Peekskill.  Her team consists of herself and three employees.  Berisartua has strong ties in the Peekskill community having been born and raised here, and when she decided to run a business and saw that there was a retail space available in the Welcher Avenue location, she couldn’t refuse it.

I ask Berisartua if she feels like she and her employees make a good team and she says,

“Yah, I feel like we’re very family-oriented.  I always tell them this is our team…I want everyone to feel and have the entitlement that they are their own boss in a way that each of them is an agent and they represent themselves that way as well.”

Berisartua had already been working as an insurance agent for ten years and says, “No one says they want to grow up and be an insurance agent but it just sort of happened with me, and I love what I do.”

Berisartua says that what inspires her in her work is helping people to choose coverage that will protect them.  “I feel like I don’t sell insurance”, she says.  “I help people obtain insurance.”

Berisartua has been able to keep her business alive and thriving through the times of Covid.  “A lot of people know that I’m always available.”, says Berisartua.

She also says, “I have long work days and we’re constantly calling out for new customers, to aquire new customers, but a lot of what I do here is service the current customers and review their existing policies.”

The Beris Agency offers all sorts of insurance needed. Auto, home, life, commercial, etc.  Berisartua says that she would tell someone thinking of buying insurance that at the Beris Agency they do their due diligence to find their clients the best rate with the most coverage.

I can’t get away from talking with Marilyn without asking her about her last name.  

“My husband is an only child and we are the only persons in the U.S. with that last name.  We looked it up.”, she says.

Berisartua a busy lady.  She runs her business and is a member of the local Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce, and she and her husband have four children.

“It just sort of happened, she says about her family, like with my career.”


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