Beautiful Landscaping in Westchester County, NY: What to expect from a property maintenance plan.

Good landscape maintenance is an important investment in protecting your investment and maximizing your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. If you’re considering handing off landscape maintenance to the pros, here’s what you need to know about beautiful landscaping in Westchester County, NY. Consider what to expect from a property maintenance plan for value and peace of mind.


Landscape maintenance is so much more than lawn care, but since the lawn is a very prominent feature, it deserves its own section. Lawn care involves soil testing at least once a year (preferably twice); soil amendment as needed to support healthy lawns; dethatching and aeration to revive compressed lawns and maintain good water and nutrient penetration to the roots; mowing with sharp blades to the correct height to prevent the extremes of dehydration and mildew; regular inspections for stressed areas, diseases, weeds, and pests; comprehensive fertilizing for optimal growth that results in a lush and hardy lawn; weed management using the correct herbicides at the optimal time; special care of trampled or bare patches, including overseeding; and edging for a crisp and finished look. Our lawn care experts will also educate you on the best watering practices that ensure deep watering for robust root systems.


Adding and replacing mulch is one of the best planting bed practices to ensure an attractive setting that is healthy and weed-free. Good quality mulch should be changed out regularly (depending on the sun exposure and type of mulch used) so that the mulch does its job in preventing water evaporation, discouraging weeds, insulating the roots from frost and heat, and adding nutrients to the soil. Whether you love the look of silvery-gray mulch that has weathered over time or prefer the rich aroma of fresh mulch, this is a service that will enhance the look of your flower beds and keep your shrubs healthy. Planting beds also need regular weeding for those intrepid weeds that poke out through the mulch, dead-heading spent flowers, removing dead annuals, and cutting back perennials.


Many soils are deficient in nitrogen, and this is a limiting factor in healthy plant growth (whether we’re talking about grass, flowers, shrubs, or trees). We regularly test soils and apply nitrogen-based fertilizers to flower beds, shrubs, and trees as needed. If your soil is deficient in phosphorus or potassium, we will amend that as well.


Regular pruning shapes trees and shrubs to make them more attractive, but also to stimulate growth. Professional tree pruning lets you shape a tree so that it doesn’t poke into bedroom windows but offers dappled shade for your dining area. Since tree work is hazardous, it’s not something that we recommend homeowners tackle on their own. Pruning shrubs encourages dense growth, which is particularly welcome if you’re growing a living privacy wall, but it also keeps shrubs from taking over your walkways.


End-of-season cleanup keeps your landscape looking good all winter. Leaf mulching gets rid of the soggy blanket of fallen leaves while adding nutrients to your lawn. Other seasonal cleanup can include dead-heading spent flowers, removing debris such as fallen branches or fruit, overseeding lawns, mulching flower beds, and snow removal throughout winter.

You will enjoy your landscape more and have the peace of mind knowing that the right maintenance is being performed at the right time, if you hire the pros to care for your landscape. We treat your landscape as if it were our own. Call Manzer’s today, and rest easy knowing your landscape is getting the TLC it deserves!

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