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Business Profile, Copy Center Peekskill

I had a nice chat with Eddie Guiracocha, whom I first met at a local community event in downtown Peekskill. Guiracocha was raised in Peekskill and for the past four months now he has been the new owner of the Peekskill Copy Center. Guiracocha has a background in graphic design with a Bachelor’s degree in that field, which enables him to offer many different services in his business. Besides copies and shipping services, he also offers the making of promotional products all across the board, including business cards and brochures, and he also does web design, graphic design, screen printing, and embroidery.
Fortunately, Guiracocha’s business has been doing well and keeping plenty busy, despite the current pandemic. Guiracocha is bi-lingual and enjoys the diversity of customers he serves.
“The Latino group of people, they need a little more assistance, obviously because of the lack of English and that sort of thing, you know.” Says Guiracocha.
Guiracocha is the perfect antidote to any language barriers that may exist since he speaks fluid Spanish as well as English.
“We’re definitely diverse with everybody.” Says Guiracocha. He adds, “Whenever we can help out with any other organization, we always try to give a hand and help local businesses as well, of course.”
For the future of Guiracocha’s business, he says he would like to expand a little bit more so that he wouldn’t have to send things out to get done. He enjoys getting his jobs done in-house, either at his retail Copy Center Peekskill location, or his warehouse.


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