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Do you have an idea for a Cortlandt Manor related news feed?  We can pull and filter news items directly from RSS, Facebook or Twitter Feeds. We curate brief summaries and when clicked on in our site, these items LINK DIRECTLY BACK TO THE SOURCE. Follow these steps below:


Identify a Cortlandt Manor News Feed

From Twitter Hashtags or Keywords, to Facebook Pages or Keywords, to RSS feeds and more: just identify your relevant feed which you believe will be of interest to people in Cortlandt Manor.


Send us a link to your Feed

Email [email protected] your feed concept and address (Internet source) and we’ll add the feed to automatically update this town’s site.


Create News Items

Every item you create on your source will automatically be sent to AND if clicked on our site – will LINK DIRECTLY BACK TO YOUR SOURCE. Interested in getting more exposure? Email [email protected] to get your news featured.